1.Will an oxygen absorber affect human body if it is swallowed?
The O-BUSTER oxygen absorber is verified to be non-toxic by the laboratories in Japan and Taiwan and the small dose swallowed fails to affect human body, so it is needless to take any antidote. However, please visit a physician if any discomfort occurs.

2.What is the difference between an oxygen absorber and a desiccant?
An oxygen absorber that absorbs oxygen in the package prevents the growth of microorganisms, oxidation, deterioration, and smell of oil whereas a desiccant that absorbs moisture in the package can only keep the inside dry.

3 .How to deal with an oxygen absorber used?
Please litter it as common garbage.
The ingredient harmless to the environment due to the non-toxic quality can be filled or incinerated without pollutants exerted.

4.Is an oxygen absorber food-contact safe?
The specific material of the packet verified by SGS with the oil-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, leak-proof and air-through quality is food-contact safe.

5.Can an oxygen absorber extend the original expiration?
Although an oxygen absorber can theoretically prevent the growth of microorganisms, oil oxidation, the growth of worm eggs and flavor deterioration, it is impossible to preserve the food inside for good due to the slight sum of oxygen, water leaking, oil cracking, free radical reaction and anaerobic bacteria. The expiration extended by oxygen absorber can be 3 times of the original, but it is dependent on the testing.

6. Why do the sachets need to be spread  after packaging bag has been opened?

Once sachets start to absorb oxygen high temperatures will develop.  Higher temperature willincrease the O2absorbing speed. If sachets are piled up,the generated temperature will be higher as when the sachets are spread.

7. How to identify the packed bag is sealed hermetically or not?

(1) Put bag into water to check air bubbles.

(2) Put bag into vacuum chamber to check  inflation.

8.The master bag is still under vacuum but the surface of the indicator attached  to the bag has turned blue. Can sachets inside still be used?

As long as the master bag is still under vacuum and the indicator is not entirely blue, the sachets can still be used.

9. In operating site, how to identify the sealing is hermetic and sachet is properly working?

After sealing a sachet with the product,finished bag should rest for 4-12 hours(depending on water activity of product).If packed bag is still slightly vacuumed,this indicates, that bag is hermeticallysealed and sachet is working properly.

10. Bag is sealed perfectly with sachet inside, but mold still occurs. What is the reason?

(1) The air volume in the container is to large for the O2 absorbing capacity of the sachet.

(2)  The position of the sachet in bag prevents exposure to the air of head space.
       Solution: Remove sachet. If sachet still gets warm it means it is still active.