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PT.INTRAPARR NUSANTARA is an Indonesia registered company and was established in October 1995. Starting its business as a trading company supplying Food Ingredients, Laboratory Chemicals and Equipments for Quality Control or Reasearch dan Developement in the laboratory of various industries.

Since 1996 especially for Food Ingredients field, we had been focusing our selves to develop our products dedicated for Food Freshness, through O-BUSTER Oxygen Absorber. A miracle small product which will keep your food product fresh, free from mold and oxidation. O-Buster is suitable for such food poducts which are sensitive to Oxygen, such as: cakes, Fruit Cakes, Cokies, Pies, nuts, tea, coffee, etc.

Owing almost 20 years experience in serving our customers preserving their food products through O-BUSTER, we are ready to help our clients / prospects in giving solution to increase added value of their food products.

A lot of customers or O-BUSTER users have proved if O-BUSTER had improved their food products by keeping them fresh, maintain their taste and flavor, and make the products extend longer. These benefits are very usefull both for Food manufacturers and the users, as well.

For further info on how O-BUSTER will increase the value of your products, kindly contact our team and discuss your need

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Jl. Letjend. Suprapto No. 160 Blok A-6
Jakarta 10640
Telp. : 021-4211427 (Hunting)
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Email : intraparr@cbn.net.id

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